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Considering the breadth of the Star Wars universe (including books, movies, toys, video games, etc) the issue of canon is an important one to Star Wars MUSH. In short, what should be considered official to the in character (IC) universe? Even excluding obvious sources that would be universally unpopular and a poor fit with the existing game (the Star Wars Christmas Special for example) there is still a great deal of possible reasonable lattitude in this area.

Nonetheless, the MUSH administration have a very clear position on canon as it relates to theme.

News Theme

Star Wars MUSH places great importance on theme, so not all forms of
roleplay are acceptable.  While players should not feel constricted by theme,
IC actions and attitudes should remain consistent to the Star Wars universe to
help maintain our IC environment.  Original material from the players helps
keep our perspective of Star Wars fresh and unique.  To prevent out-of-place
subject matter (e.g., blatant ripoffs from other sci-fi themes, factions
named after Los Angeles street gangs), RPA reserves the right to screen
original factions, races, and technology and to ensure that characters have
names appropriate to the MUSH's Star Wars theme.

The following soruces are considered canon to Star Wars MUSH:

- The original Star Wars movie trilogy (episodes IV-VI).
- The Thrawn trilogy (begins with _Heir to the Empire_) by Timothy Zahn.
- The Star Wars Roleplaying Game sourcebooks from West End Games that occur
before the MUSH's timeline.

The MUSH administration, especially RPA, reserves the right to be selective
about what is and is not included from source books: publication does not
necessarily indicate acceptance for MUSH theme!