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Cheetos are a crunchy snack product from the Frito-Lay corporation coated with a powdery orange substance that resembles superficially in both appearance and taste, cheese. It's most famous property is the orange residue it leaves on the fingers of those who indulge in them.

More importantly, "cheetos" is one of the most frequently mentioned words in the Star Wars MUSH bbposts, generally finding its way in to being mentioned at least once a week by someone. Indeed entire threads of conversation have been centered around this messy "cheez" snack, and there have been more than a few posts consisting of nothing more than the word cheetos (with any number of exclamation marks following).

As such it has become both an anthem and perhaps even a warcry to much of the more veteran population of Star Wars MUSH, and it is for this reason that it shall be known as the official snack product of Star Wars MUSH.

The Cheetos phenomenon on SW1 was started by the wizard Optimus, who posted simply "Cheetos" in response to a flame war being carried out on the public board. This effectively ended the war, and it is often used to silence fights on bboards.