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Years of coding and building have resulted in a number of hidden items tucked here and there around Star Wars MUSH. A few items are listed here.

  • April 1st. It is tradition for the administrators to author an elaborate April Fool's prank.
  • Scrabble Monkey. Find the Scrabble arena in the OOC area, type "touch monkey" to hear his comments about your (lack of) Scrabble prowess.
  • Bananarama. You will be Banarama'd into submission by typing "ba <your name>" from anywhere in the game. Please don't even attempt to make Banarama create dirty words.
  • Cackling. Ever wanted to be a Dark Jedi? Drink other's fear and let the melodrama seep from your pores by typing "+cackle" anywhere in the game.
  • Whining. Now, you too can whine just like Luke Skywalker. "But I was going to Toshii Station to pick up some power converters!" Lay it on extra deep by typing "+whine" anywhere in the game, even in heavy RP sessions. You'll have all the brilliance of Lucas's master scriptwriting, and you'll be revered, just like Luke Skywalker. That simp.
  • Various typos and perversions of common global commands and built-in MUSH commands. Discover them for yourself.