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The ExO is arguably the most powerful individual in the Corporate Sector. Empowered by the Direx Board to oversee the day to day operations of the Authority, the ExO is the chief executive of the CSA and supervises the actions of the division Viceprexes. He or she is treated as a political leader abroad and holds a social ranking commensurate with that role.

Usually promoted from a Viceprex position, the ExO may also be someone lured away from another company by the vast "profits and privileges" promised by the Authority. By nature of his office, the ExO must be completely dedicated to the Corporate Sector Authority, resigning all other positions and exchanging all stocks from other companies for CSA stock.

The ExO, once selected by the Direx Board, has no fixed term. At any time, the board may call for a no-confidence vote, and, if it passes, the ExO is immediately stripped of his power.