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Division Information
Executive Viceprex Tajan
Deputy Viceprex NPC
10. Executive Viceprex
9. Deputy Viceprex
8. Economist
7. Investment Analyst
6. Senior Accountant
5. Accountant
4. Junior Accountant
3. Actuary
2. Bookkeeper
1. Intern

The Finance Division is one of the most important and influential organizations in the Corporate Sector, monitoring the Authority's banking interests and financial affairs. From the smallest cash voucher exchange to the largest corporate investment, Finance, working in conjunction with other financial groups in the Sector, plays a role in every money transaction in the CSA. Responsible for the Authority's accounting, it tracks the CSA's assets, resources, expenses, and incoming revenues. It generates economic trending data that is used by not only the Authority, but also by major businesses all across the galaxy. Finance is also responsible for collecting tax revenue and fees from consumers and independent businesses operating within the Authority, and disburses payments and dividends to subcontractors, stock holders and sponsors. In a region where money is everything, Finance pulls the purse strings.

Executive Viceprexes Edit

  • Tajan (? ABY - Current)

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