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The Imperial Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Outcome: Imperial victory; order restored to Empire

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Galactic Empire

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True Empire

Actions, Battles, & Engagements
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Following the destruction of the third Death Star, trouble began brewing on Imperial-held Mon Calamari. The planet was eventually completely taken over by a man claiming to be none other than Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine began rallying thousands to his banner in outright war on Valak, deemed a traitor by Palpatine.

The Empire became split, Athaniss and numerous other star systems falling over to Palpatine over a period of a few weeks. Athaniss became an important battleground in what would become known as the Imperial Civil War, due to its strategic position next to both O'paal and Selene.

Ultimately, however, the New Republic intervened, liberating Mon Calamari, allowing Valak to regain territory himself, including Athaniss, where a large portion of Palpatine's army was wiped out in a self-detonated nuclear explosion.

Finally, Palpatine, his apprentice Roth, and Vice Admiral Javert were cornered in their last stronghold of Novar III. Valak himself led the attack on the planet, which ended with the destruction of the rebels.

Palpatine was revealed to be an impostor, and executed, along with his commanders and apprentice.

The Empire was brought back together after Novar III, but the wounds inflicted would never fully heal.