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Kendal Osbourne was the third official Galactic Emperor, succeeding Emperor Valak in 11 ABY. His tenure as leader of the Galactic Empire was marked by many successful military campaigns, including the Battle of Kappa and the Fourth Battle of Pride-1. In the end, however, his reign was brought to an end by a coup, but his legacy lived on, in the form of the Neo-Imperial Movement.

Biography Edit

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Legacy Edit

Asteroid Kappa had been eliminated, a new capital constructed on the planet Selene, and a revitalized Imperial Navy was spearheading the drive into Republic territory. This is what Emperor Osbourne left behind after his placement into carbonite in 12 ABY. Following the rise of Lorn Rhys, Danik Kreldin and Fianar Reanus, at the forefront of more veteran Imperials, formed the Neo-Imperial Movement and fought against Rhys and his Empire in the name of Osbourne.

However, the legacy of Osbourne came to a sad close, with the utter destruction of Selene, the elimination of the Neo-Empire, and the fall of Emperor Malus, effectively eliminating the remaining traces of Osbourne's legacy on the galaxy. It is said, however, that the frozen being of Kendal Osbourne rests within the bowels of the Malevolence, though these rumors have been refuted by Imperial High Command, staying to their claim that Osbourne was dead.

Galactic Emperor
Preceded By:
Bacharan Valak
11 ABY - 12 ABY
Kendal Osbourne
Succeeded By:

OOC Info Edit

  • Osbourne was responsible for the placement of Vorn Paro as head of the Imperial Security Bureau, revitalizing the intelligence operations of the Empire, which for so long had stagnated. After two assistant faction heads, Tlaknot Dakar and Salin Fawzy, Osbourne stepped down from his role as faction head, retiring from the MUSH to pursue real life interests, the coup by Lorn Rhys used as an IC explanation for Osbourne's retirement.
  • Osbourne was voted as a MUSH Legend, but opted to have his name removed from the list after his retirement, for IC and OOC reasons pertaining to the continued unification of the Empire in the wake of his departure.

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