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Division Information
Executive Viceprex Xerxes Kherzen
Deputy Viceprex Tahl McKell
10. Executive Viceprex
9. Deputy Viceprex
8. Senior Counsel
7. Counsel
6. Attorney
5. Clerk
4. Junior Clerk
3. Bailiff
2. Notary
1. Intern

The Empire and New Republic may have superior militaries, but the CSA's army of lawyers is second to none. The Legal Division is one of the largest in the Authority, a legion of experts versed in navigating the bureaucracies and courts of every known major government and corporation in the galaxy. Negotiating, establishing, and re-interpreting contracts, representing CSA interests and personnel abroad, mediating complaints between member corporations, and prosecuting criminals are all tasks that are handled by members of the legal division. A legal division executive is a powerful and influential force in political and corporate circles. Mindful of the high-profile nature of their jobs, the personnel of this division often work closely with the Media division to ensure that their efforts are always viewed in the proper public light.

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