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The Office of the Auditor General, under the supervision of the Prex, is charged with monitoring CSA operations in order to root out inefficiencies and excessive corruption. The AG is also responsible for coordinating intelligence gathering activities and reporting such findings to the Direx Board. In this way, the AG serves as a security and foreign relations advisor and a necessary resource for effective Sector planning.

The investigators, analysts, and informants employed by the Office of the Auditor General are collectively referred to as OOAG agents. They form a covert intelligence gathering network that is geared towards the investigation of all anti-corporate activities that may affect the Corporate Sector. Using independent, roving auditors, OOAG assesses violations of Direx policies and major crimes within the Corporate Sector and also investigates external threats that may be posed from the galaxy at large. Most of these agents are intelligence specialists. All of them are useful to the OOAG's investigative activities.

Recent History Edit

The OOAG's mission was expanded during Morrison's reign as Auditor General. During that time, the small branch of the CSA had gained a lot of power that could rival the Bothan intel network and even the Imperial intel agency. It was no longer a mission of keeping companies "in line" and gathering intel on the competition. Van Sen sought to influence companies, organizations, and even factions toward CSA interests, and largely his own.

Scaven Marx was promoted to AG after Van Sen had been granted ExO. His reign was by in large more brutal then those before him, but just as effective. From the small office, the fingers of the OOAG network expanded wide throughout the galaxy, manipulating events and outcomes that would shape the entire galaxy from then on. Marx and Van Sen would be instrumental in overthrowing Kendal Osbourne, placing Lorn Rhys as Emporer, by crashing a dreadnought into Selene at the Battle of Selene. Shortly thereafter, Van Sen would retire as ExO and Marx would take his place leaving the OOAG.