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Disconnected, independently-coded, security-centric computer systems may be perfect for the military planners of the Empire and New Republic, but they aren't ideal for businesses. Corporations thrive on being able to access and share data as easily as possible. For that reason, the CSA has developed a centralized information network accessible throughout the Sector. Every business and computer system in the Sector is connected to OMM (Operational Multi-system Management).

Perhaps the most advanced computer network in the Corporate Sector, each node in the OMM network is constantly refreshed, updated and upgraded via encrypted hyperchannel communications, the same channels restricted to military use in the Empire.

To ensure that OMM remains secure (and therefore profitable), the Authority funds a huge staff of programmers and technicians, and even "recruits" criminal slicers. In the Sector, anyone convicted of data theft or systems invasion doesn't receive a prison term like they would in the Empire or the New Republic. Instead, they are given a simple choice: become an OMM counter-slicer or be executed. These counter-slicers enjoy a degree of freedom as they use their skills to improve OMM security, but are constantly monitored for any sign of relapse into disloyal behavior.

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