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Division Information
Executive Viceprex Tyy'sun Eson
Deputy Viceprex NPC
10. Executive Viceprex
9. Deputy Viceprex
8. Controller
7. Associate Controller
6. Executive Officer
5. Warrant Officer
4. Senior Specialist
3. Specialist
2. Laborer
1. Drudge

The Resources Division is responsible for finding, procuring, and dispersing all the the things that keep the wheels of commerce turning in the Corporate Sector. It is a general support division dedicated to supplying the other CSA divisions with whatever they may need.

The Resources division apportions its tasks across three sub-divisons:

  • Scout Services dispatches probes and explorers to unexplored systems within Authority space in order to analyze them for potential new resources.
  • Supply & Allocation handles the procurement and shipment of raw materials and equipment and has the most contact with sub-contractors like equipment suppliers and indepedent freight haulers.
  • Central Services provides all manner of mundane services from general maintenance of Authority equipment to medical treatment of Authority personnel, all the non-material assistance required by other divisions.

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