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The mandate of the CSA Security Division is to enforce the Authority's policies and maintain order within the Corporate Sector. Criminal actions are bad for business, and the Authority prizes the orderly conduct of commerce above all else. Its policies and the way it enforces them strive to make the Corporate Sector a place that is safe for business, sometimes squashing the civil liberties of the individual in the process.

Espo Troopers Edit

Common term for an officer of the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police.
Origin: Es (from the S in Security) + Po (for Police)

Patrolling their assigned regions of the Corporate Sector, CSA Security Police (Espos) are the grim-faced enforcers of the Authority's laws. Though out of their element in large-scale military campaigns, Espo troopers excel at small squad tactics, riot control, and non-lethal pacification methods, and their skills in these areas are on par with any professional soldier or law enforcement officer. Assigned to regional stations, Espo troopers are dispatched to deal with any disturbances within their jurisdiction and ensure that order is restored quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum amount of property damage.

Picket Fleet Edit

The Authority's original space-defense strategy was devised to rely heavily on nearby Imperial sector fleets for support. When it became apparent that the Moffs of those sectors still nursed a grudge against the Corporate Sector for encroaching on their territory and their cooperation couldn't be counted on, that strategy had to be revised. The CSA Picket Fleet was formed.

Originally consisting mostly of salvaged and retro-fitted older ships like Victory-class Star Destroyers and ancient Invincible-class Dreadnaughts, the Empire and galaxy-at-large held a dim view of the Authority's "jumped-up rent-a-fleet." This early Espo fleet was well-suited for interdiction assignments, dealing with smugglers and small pirate groups, but was ineffective for fleet vs. fleet military engagements. Since the decline of their Imperial allies, the Authority has been diverting massive funds to correct this weakness, working to upgrade both their fleet and fleet officers in preparation for the day that the Corporate Sector itself may be threatened.

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