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Executive Viceprex NPC
Deputy Viceprex NPC
10. Executive Viceprex
9. Deputy Viceprex
8. Territorial Executive
7. Regional Director
6. Regional Executive
5. Zone Director
4. Zone Planner
3. Market Supervisor
2. Market Planner
1. Intern

The Territory Division is resposible for working with the other divisions to develop general policies into a coordinated region by region business plan. Executives assigned to the Territory division usually require significant negotiating and mediating abilities, as they often find themselves caught between the conflicting agendas of other divisions. Production may demand increased output from an area while simultaneously Resources wants to cut support there. Making sure that everything and everyone works together as it should is what the Territory division is all about.

The Territory division has a strict hierarchical structure. The largest physical area is the Territory.

  • Territories are divided into Regions.
  • Regions are broken down into Zones.
  • Zones are segmented into Markets.

These divisions, rather than being based on geographical size or population, are established according to economic output and generated revenue. So, a scattering of border colonies, an entire agriworld, a continent on a factory planet, or a single city on a trade world may all be considered markets.

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